Jonas Wettre – Lewis Baltz

8500 :-24000 :-


Lewis Baltz

Upplaga av 27 | 111.8 x 135 cm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g | 24.000:-

Upplaga av 150 | 55.9 x 67.4 cm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g | 8.500:-

Verket säljs med en svävande montering i en exklusiv trälist (är du nyfiken på hur listen ser ut, kika in där du kan skräddarsy din konst), distanslist med reflexfritt glas.

Önskar du ett alternativ på inramning eller montering kan du kontakta oss!

Ordern måste bekräftas och kontrolleras av Sandeng så att rätt upplaga finns tillgänglig.

For many years I shot portraits of artists and photographers who visited the Steidl offices while working on their books there.
There was no well lit studio set-up — I captured them right on the spot where they happened to be standing, or by a nearby window. It was not an HD camera that could handle all situations, but either a Polaroid SX-70 Landcamera with its classic squared format, or an EE-100 sheet film camera. The SX-70 is a mirror reflex camera where you can look through and get a sharp image. The exposure time is handled with a wheel, darker or lighter. But the exact time you can only guess. The EE-100 is no mirror reflex. Here you must estimate the distance to the subject — and pray for the best. The viewfinder shows more or less what’s in the picture, but if you get too close it ends up way off target. Add to this the instability of what the film market has been like in recent years. After Polaroid’s bankruptcy they discontinued film production in 2008, so any film still “out there” became highly desirable. Soon after, a Dutch company, ‘The Impossible Project’, started their own film business to fill the void Polaroid had created and, together with Fuji film still being made, alternative films were now available. The result of all this you can see in my images: different brands, different qualities and different locations create a personal touch.